Two-phase SSR

Celduc Two-Phase Relays

Our two-phase range provides two solid state relays in a compact standard 45mm enclosure. We offer various kinds of two-phase SSRs with Faston terminals or in okpac® IP20 housing with removable connector for control. They are perfectly adapted to three phase applications with breaking ot two phases only.

  • SIB models : ultra-compact version (22.5mm)
  • SOB5 models  : version with FASTON power and control terminals
  • SOB6 models  : with double input with CE100F ITWPANCON type connector and screws for the output.
  • SOB7 models  : random relays
  • SOB8 models  : zero-cross relays for all types of loads
  • SOB9 models : zero-cross relays for AC-1 resistive loads
  • SOBR9 models : with quick-connect power temrinals. Also available in "ready to use" versions with integrated heatsink.
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