IoT Sensors

Connect our sensors thanks to our energy efficient mobile communication solutions! Using networks made for the internet of things, our energy efficient wireless connection modules can connect all types of detection needs. Thanks to our professional expertise in the field of magnetic detection and the combination of reed technology and LPWAN networks (low-power wide-area network), our sensors are: 

  • autonomous : up to 10 years of uninterrupted use without changing or recharging the batteries,
  • connected : directly access the status of your position and level sensor from your mobile or computer and be alerted of any changes,
  • simple to use : no SIM card or complex parameters, manage your sensors directly from our web platform and connect anywhere in the world with the same model,
  • economical : much more affordable than traditional mobile networks, LPWAN solutions are particularly well suited to connected sensors and now cover more than 90% of world territory.
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