Solid State Relay for strating transformer

For transformer starting

SOP relays are used for primary transformer inrush currents and all saturable inductive loads in order to avoid magnetizing current peaks (application note available on request).

Picture Part Number Max. switching current (A) Max. switching voltage Control voltage Specifications Range Standards Availability Unit price (excl. Taxes) Order Downloads
celduc SSR for starting transformer SOP65070 9A 100-480VAC 5,5-32VDC Transformer inrush SOP CE - EAC - UKCA
8 pcs
8 pcs - CELDUC Relais
- Order
celduc relays SSR peak starting SOP69070 32A 100-480VAC 5-32VDC Transformer inrush SOP CE - EAC - UKCA
10 pcs
10 pcs - CELDUC Relais
- Order
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